My family and I moved to Kona from Castle Rock, WA. We came here for sunshine, saltwater, and a fresh start. I love the small town feel of Kona and the aloha spirit. I started CrossFit several years ago because I was plateaued and bored with my fitness. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement has transformed my life and training for the better! It is amazing that this approach to fitness, combined with good nutrition, can change and enhance anyone’s life. I love how, even as I get older, my fitness continues to improve. The community aspect of the box combined with helping people reach their fitness and mobility goals, for me, can’t be replaced. I used to be involved in several sports, competing and coaching, from softball, football, to basketball, but these days I’m just about that CrossFit life. My favorite place to eat on the Big Island is Mo’s in Hilo (fish n chips!!!), but for Kona town it’s Quinn’s, hands down.


BS in PE & Health

NFHS ASEP Coaching Principles

NASP Basic Instructor

ASCI Educator Certificate, PE Teacher

USA Gymnastics Coach

CrossFit Level 1, 2

CrossFit Training: Judges, Scaling, Spot the Flaw, Running, Anatomy, and Lesson

Planning courses