I was born in Honolulu and raised here in Kona.  I have moved away from the island but returned as there is no place like it.  Being in a place with such a small population is nice.  Seeing people on a day to day basis solely on the patterns of their day to day schedule.  My life with CrossFit started as a secondary  journey related to being severely overweight with high blood pressure and pre diabetes.  At one point I needed to lose 20 pounds to make the weight limit to go zip lining with my family.  The weight limit being 280 pounds. Even that did not truly make me want to lose the weight.  What it took was for a friend who was a physician reading my blood work to tell me "I see the problem.  This number is screwed up because of this number and this number is screwed up because you are FAT. Lose the weight and it all goes away". Nobody ever told me that.  They all said you are husky or you are very muscular. After the initial weight loss and my wife doing a local boot camp.  She called one day and said I signed us up.  I asked signed up for what and she said CrossFit.  The 3 day a week only lasted a week and then straight to unlimited.  I was hooked. It reminded me of how the competitive side of me use to push to be better.  I love the ever changing programming, movements and when you think you have seen it all, here comes something new. I still have my first workout log book.  Day 1 entry dated October 9,2015.  My weight that month was about 245 and today I mostly hang out around 210 or so.  CrossFit helps maintain that.  I am a work in progress just like my CrossFit journey.