Summer Showdown 3

cf summer showdown 2016.pdfTHE SUMMER SHOWDOWN AUGUST 6th 2016

This years Summer Showdown will be a one day event. There will be 10 divisions: OPEN Men/Women, INTERMEDIATE Men/Women, MASTERS (40+) Men/Women and 2 TEENS divisions: Boy/Girl AGE 13,14 and Boy/Girl AGE 15,16.

Registration is limited to the amount of tickets in each division. If your division sells out you will be put on a wait list to see if other divisions fill up. REGISTER EARLY to guarantee a spot for your division! Registration will close on July 30th.

Entry fee includes a T-shirt if you register by July 16th! When you register online be sure to choose your size and Men/Women for your shirt.

What to Expect:
There will be (3) WOD’s performed by all athletes on Saturday w ith a Final WOD for the top 4 in each division on Saturday afternoon.(There may be a possible MYSTERY WOD if Time permits) We’ll know 1 week prior to event and notify all athletes. This year WOD’s will be released a couple weeks prior to competition!

6:30am: Registration of Athletes
7:40am: Announcement of WOD’s and explanation of 1st WOD
8:00am: Starting of 1st WOD
5:00pm: Awards Ceremony

Q What’s the difference between intermediate and scaled?
A Intermediate is for those that can do most of the WOD’s as Rx’d. You’ve been CrossFitting for a while but are lacking in the higher skilled movements or the Rx’d loads on mainsite are a bit heavy.
Q What if I’ve only been CrossFitting for a little while and can only do some of the WOD’s as Rx’d for Intermediate?
A We want to give everyone a chance to compete. You will have to do more reps at your scale for what’s Rx’d for that division. An example might be Double-unders. If you can’t do Double-unders than you will have to do so many singles to equal 1 D/U. Or if you can’t climb a rope than you would have to do so many up/downs, etc.

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