Paleo Challenge

The challenge will be from April 28th – May 30th.

The foods you must avoid are: Grains (bread, pasta, rice, quinoa)

Beans and Legumes (soy, peanut and peanut butter)

Dairy Grass Fed Butter is OK

NO ALCOHOL (Beer, wine, tequila)

The only sweeteners allowed are Raw Local Honey and Grade B Maple syrup


You must journal each meal and snack. There will be extra points for those that make meals and snacks paleo zonish. Including a protein, carb and fat with every meal or snack.

There will be no buy in for the challenge. The challenge will be based on Body composition and the journal with the least amount of cheats. If we have multiple journals with no cheats than those who make up the most zonish meals and snacks will score extra points.

Body composition will score 60% and journal will be 40%

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