Paleo Bars #allday

What a fun and long day yesterday was! Pose clinic = success, sundown throwdown = success. Overall I’d say our box is filled with extremely amazing individuals who are absolutely inspiring to watch. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of yesterdays events!

Also can’t wait to see everyone and their beautiful keiki (ages 6-12) this Tuesday, October 1st @ 4:00pm for the first CrossFit Kids Class 🙂

But let me get to the point of this post… the recipe for yesterday’s delicioso paleo protein bars.


1 cup raw almonds

1 cup PITTED dates….Christy 🙂

2 scoops protein powder, I used cookie dough flavored casein powder .. I used casein because it’s a slow digesting protein and when I make these bars at home I usually eat them on the way to the box or when I go into work and know it will be a couple hours until I eat again.

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips … i used ghiradellis 60% dark chocolate chips


In a food processor, blend almonds and dates very well. Then add protein powder and 1.5 tbsp water and blend again until all the powder  is gone. Then add chocolate chips and pulse until chocolate chips are mixed well inside the batter. When they are blended to the consistency that I like, I put them in a large tupperware and smooooosh and pound it into the tupperware with a piece of wax paper over it (so my hands don’t get sticky). Place in fridge to harden (like 10 minutes). And BAM, homemade paleo protein bars that are so yummy and taste just like candy bars.

<3 Lyns

My man Wy-Wy warming up for the throwdown

My man Wy-Wy warming up for the throwdown

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